Anna & Justin

Thank you very much for all your help and guidance in this moment. You made this process extremely easy and Anna and I are very happy and how the ring turned out!

Kevin & Aaron

Men's diamond rings can be tricky, but Tamara helped us create a design that was the perfect style we were looking for. Masculine, but not chunky; elegant, but not dainty. She nailed it, we love it. Tamara is a gem: attentive, honest, and creative. We came out with exactly the ring we wanted, at a reasonable price.

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Catalina & Oren

It was a pleasure working with Tamara to create a personalized wedding band for my husband. Tamara provided very professional input about my creative concept, was open to include further customizations to the ring, and was communicative and timely throughout. A very fun and no stress process, culminating in a truly unique ring. Thank you Tamara and the staff at Studio1098.

Martine & Phil

I had a great experience working with Tamara and her dedicated team! They expertly guided me through the process in a no-pressure environment. They are knowledgeable, friendly, and, most importantly, passionate about complete customer satisfaction! This is obviously a recipe for success as Martine absolutely adores the ring and could not take her eyes off it for the days that followed our engagement. She describes it as “the perfect combination of past, present, and future, with a sparkle and beauty that is unparalleled”. Thank you, Studio1098!

Nancy & Shuo

Buying an engagement ring is usually an intimidating and time consuming process but with Tamara’s extensive industry knowledge, it made my decision a breeze. She even gurantees the work by doing everything she can to make sure you’re perfectly happy with the ring you paid for.

Meg & Zach

My (now) husband and I stopped by Studio1098 after walking by a few times when we moved tot he neighbourhood. We entered the store with a vague idea of wanting a yellow gold, antique-looking ring. It turned out that Tamara had already somehow created the exact ring I was picturing in my head a few months before. She was so knowledgeable and honest, and spent a lot of time with us discussing diamonds, gems, and mining. The store staff were friendly and professional as we had my rings re-sized, and my husband had custom wedding band made. We will definitely be returning for our future jewelry needs!

UmmeHani & Murtaza

From the Skittles jar to the warm smiles that greet you when you walk into Studio1098 - it’s almost as if you are being welcomed by old friends. Tamara and her team help me create the perfect engagement ring for my fiancé. Tamara’s attention to detail and passion for jewellery will make you feel comfortable and confident that you are getting the best product. My fiancé and I loved it, and we can’t wait to come back for our wedding bands.

Joyce & Shane

A million thanks - Joyce loves the ring! She has already taken a thousand shots of her hand against famous sites throughout Scotland. Honestly, she said it was more perfect than perfect. Well done :)

Amanda & Joel

Joel and I decided to have my ring custom-designed after a bit of shopping around and realizing that there wasn’t one ring that I was in love with. I was nervous because I wasn’t 100% sure what I wanted and since I don’t wear a lot of jewelry, I felt out of my element. We decided to meet with Tamara together and were so pleased with our meeting. Tamara made the whole experience easy, fun, and stress-free. She really listened to my requests and concerns. I think she knew what I wanted better than I did!

Cristina & James

From the first time you walk into the studio you know you’re going to come out something special. I had an unparalleled, personal service that showed great care in what was being made. Realizing quickly I knew nothing with rings, Tamara and the team helped guide my decision and come up with the perfect ring full of special little touches that make it incredibly personal to Cristina and I.

Ryan & Maria

Maria does research with viruses so a big part of her life is working with DNA, RNA, and many other super tiny structures. I wanted her ring to capture this intricacy and detail without compromising durability and I think with Tamara we found the right balance. I was particular about the winding angle leading up to the prongs to give the DNA more depth. And the 4 rungs on either side of the diamond represent both of our families. Very pleased with the overall proportions and packaging!

Barbara-Anne & Grahame

My ring is so delicate and feminine while also holding the little bike underneath - a secret for us to know and share if we want. Tamara made it low-profile so it doesn’t catch on anything while I bike, and the marquise diamonds complete the subtle, simple look. We adore visiting Studio1098 and love how easy it was to design something amazing and still have a budget. We were endlessly impressed with the creative and different ideas that Tamara came up with - never in danger of something generic or boring!!!

Claire & Tom

Tamara and her team have been absolutely wonderful to work with! Tamara is incredibly knowledgeable, and truly wants to make you happy. She is so perceptive, and helped me to craft the ring that was perfect for me. We wanted to use a stone from Tim’s grandmother’s ring, and I was worried that his grandmother’s ring might be damaged in the process. Not only did Tamara create a beautiful ring that incorporated both Tom’s history and my personality. but she helped us replace the diamond in Tom’s grandmother’s ring with an aquamarine stone, and we able to return the ring to Tome’s mom in the most beautiful way.

Debbie & Jesse

I came to Tamara looking to custom design a ring for Debbie and I needed it fast! I had planned a trip for us to St. Lucia where I was planning to propose to Debbie. I found Tamara about three weeks before the trip and she helped me design the perfect ring. She was even willing to do whatever it takes to make sure I had this ring before the trip. She was honest and trustworthy. I’m so happy with my Studio1098 experience and the design of the ring. Thank you Tamra for everything!

Victoria & Chris

Our Studio1098 experience began with an email to Tamara inquiring about potential engagement ring ideas for Victoria. We met with a couple different jewellers but it was very clear from meeting with Tamara that there was something special about her and Studio1098. It took some time to find the right stone, but Tamara was dedicated to helping us create a unique and beautiful ring. Throughout the whole experience Tamara has been incredibly generous with her time and resources. The end result is that both Victoria and I have wonderful rings that we love and a dear friend in Tamara.

Kerry & Jeff

I love everything about my ring, but I am most in love with the fact that there is a story behind it. It has a history that goes far beyond my little family. An old diamond, a new setting. A man who didn’t know what ring we wanted, but knew that I would want to support a jeweller who took time to get to know me, even before meeting me.

Heather & Tom

Tamara/Studio1098 were very professional and I always had full confidence in them throughout the engagement ring and wedding band process. We couldn’t happier with out designing to go with Studio1098.

Rena & Travis

Aside from it being one of the most beautiful pieces of jewelry I have ever seen, the fact that I know this ring is truly one of a kind and was made just for me, is my favourite part. It is even more beautiful than what I had envisioned and collaborating with my husband-to-be to make it come to life was incredibly special.

Viktoriia & Georg

Studio1098 is a small boutique jewelry store, but the quality, commitment to the craft and the customer are beyond standard. I have to say that I’ve been to many jewelry stores around the world, but the experience that Studio1098 offered was by far the most amazing.

Katie & Conor

When I walked into Studio1098 and met Tamara I knew I had met someone who was passionate about creating a piece of art that was reflective of the feelings I have for Kate. She took time to make sure I could ask all the questions I had, without rushing a response… I couldn’t wait to propose to Kate, and proud of what Tamara and I put together.

Custom Fine

As unique as you are.